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Website Consulting

A website consulting company guiding organizations from medium to Fortune 500 enterprises toward better websites.

Your Company Needs An Unbiased WEB PARTNER ON YOUR SIDE

Whether you require a project manager, second opinion, or strategic resource, you can leverage our website mavericks for the simplest or most complex challenges.


Determine objectives, reduce time spent training, researching or guessing what the right approach is for your business


Avoid costly mistakes, the need to hire an in-house strategist, and Building out a website that isn’t going to get the results you need.


Your website is a complex project that requires unique expertise from a true specialist. A consultant will provide key insights into every facet of your website build from conception to completion.

The Cost Of An Ineffective Website Strategy 😔

Short Term
Long Term
All of these immediate problems are just the start of a website that becomes a liability to your company.
Whether this happens over the course of a week or a year, you’re potentially losing millions of dollars in revenue just because you didn’t have a plan.

Now, Imagine This Over The Course Of Years. You Can’t Afford NOT To Hire a Website Consultant.



We promise to never sell you any of our services, guaranteed (unless you ask).

Why Hire a Website Consultant If You Are Already Working With an Agency?

An agency has a vested interest in their own business. While we would hope that they have the integrity to ensure every aspect of your project is completed with a focus on driving results, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Get Confirmation

Discover The Best Path Forward

Benefit From an Unbiased Opinion

Act As Secret Eyes

Resolve Doubts

Obtain a Second Opinion

Gain Confidence

Explore more Options

Secure Results

Have Dedicated Oversight

Resolve Doubts

Obtain a Second Opinion

Gain Confidence

Explore more Options

Secure Results

Have Dedicated Oversight

Website Advice That Gives You Peace Of Mind




  • Deep dive competitive analysis

  • Differentiators

  • Reverse engineering

  • Identify vulnerabilities

  • Content analysis

  • Traffic assessment

  • Detailed analytics

Audit Deliverables


  • Software

  • Plugins

  • CMS

  • Security

  • Hosting

  • Data management

  • Legal

  • Compliance

  • Technology

  • Coding

  • SEO

  • Speed

Design & Conversion


  • Information collection

  • Wireframing

  • Development & interactivity

  • Content development

  • Deadlines

  • Budget parameters

  • QA testing

  • Follow up

  • Support

  • Review proposals

Review Approach


  • Review weaknesses in your sales funnel

  • Content & ranking strategy

  • Spend optimization

  • Internal process improvement

  • Team roles in website management

  • Review benchmarks

  • Launch plan

Project Oversight


  • Information collection

  • Wireframing

  • Development & interactivity

  • Content development

  • Deadlines

  • Budget parameters

  • QA testing

  • Follow up

  • Support

  • Review proposals

Your Project Is Unique And We Know It. Let’s Move Forward Together.


High-tech Expertise To Help You Move Forward In The Best Way Possible

As award-winning website architects, we know a thing or two…



Process improvements, engineering, technology utilization & tech stack review. Improve website technology stack using the knowledge that only experience brings. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies.


Analytics & Reporting

Review, setup & implementation of third party tools & SaaS partners. Empower your reporting with accurate analytics & third party website tool integrations with precision.


Website Editing

Review & Audit Website Builder. Allow your internal team to have control over your website with a seamless website builder that anyone can use. Don’t depend 100% on your web agency.


Copyscape Content

Audit website content for plagiarism. Ensure web copy is scanned for plagiarism and internal duplication to avoid penalties from search engines that can affect your rankings.



Audit, functionality testing, quality assurance. All aspects of a website should function seamlessly without bugs, crashes, errors, or other issues.



Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing, risk analysis, exploit protection. Obtain total security through an audit, strategy, & implementation of the latest cybersecurity for your website by partnering with industry leaders through webdev.com.


Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Setup custom develop KPI dashboards. Utilize powerful analytics and reporting for important unique KPI metrics through a business intelligence dashboard built for you.


Cloud Hosting Architecture

Review and audit configuration of hosting environment. Achieve blazing fast site speeds and fully secure your data with the right web hosting setup customized for your website needs.


Design Improvements

Audit design for conversions & best practices. Drive leads using conversion optimization practices and captivate users through science and psychology.


Data Enrichment

Audit, improve & scale your data. Build & Improve data through advanced data enrichment techniques for any use case.

Straightforward Pricing

$ 500/hr
  • 10 hour minimum
Exclusive to qualified clients

Webdev Has Advised Some Of The Most Successful Companies Across The Globe

What Our Clients Say About Us


We’re Your Secret Weapon To LEVELING UP YOUR WEBSITE.

Brand Workshop
Positioning & Strategy
Voice & Messaging
“The impact of websites today is like the impact of electricity when it was invented in 1879- ”
“ It will change the world and the way customers interact with businesses.”

Michael Fied


Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours will it take to get what our business needs out of consulting?

This is all project-dependent and is influenced by the scope. Our minimum engagement requires 10 hours. We’ll determine this on the initial consultation.

Are your capabilities limited to what’s listed on this page?

Absolutely not. We understand that entrepreneurs have ideas that are out-of-the-box and that’s something we love. Whatever expertise we can provide, just let us know what you have in mind.

Can you provide SEO consulting?

While Webdev doesn’t have the “traditional” approach to SEO (which is why we’ve achieved unmatched success in this space), we can provide advice on how to execute an effective organic search campaign. In fact, 30% of our initial consultations are inquiries about improving search visibility.

We would rather not disclose that we hired a consultant to the agency building our site, how do you approach this?

Whether you want us to handle all the contact with the agency or work behind the scenes “secretly,” it’s no problem at all.

Can we change direction and have you build our website instead?

Sometimes this request comes when our consulting clients realize the digital agency they hired just isn’t providing value. However, we vow NEVER to pitch or sell you our services. If your team wants to change course at any point, it will not happen because of pressure from us. We’re just here to give you advice and let you call the shots. We are generally 6+ months out for web development work.

What kind of companies do you work with?

We work with companies first and foremost that are a good fit. It’s important to establish chemistry before we move forward with any client. With that being said, we’ve primarily consulted companies in the following industries: 

  • Technology
  • Services
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Retail 
  • Finance 
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Government 
  • Non-profit 
  • Education
  • Transportation