DirectAdmin installs and works great with Digital Ocean VPS, and no Amazon AWS workaround is needed.

I have been a long time fan of Amazon AWS, however I’ve never felt comfortable using DirectAdmin on an EC2 instance because AWS does not provide static external IP addresses. Doing a Google search for “directadmin ec2” will show several installation tutorials with a workaround to install and use DirectAdmin, but I’ve never felt comfortable with any of these solutions.

Digital Ocean provides static external IP addresses for every droplet. A droplet is Digital Ocean’s terminology for what Amazon AWS calls an instance. I created a new droplet on Digital Ocean and chose their smallest Standard Droplet size – 1 GB Memory and 1 CPU Core on CentOS 6.9 64-bit.

Digital Ocean VPS Droplet

After the droplet was created, I used SSH to access the server, updated the CentOS system with yum, and proceeded with a fresh installation of DirectAdmin. Everything worked 100% great.

Because this is a VPS, I was unable to setup partitions, but I was able to create available Swap Memory. After the initial DirectAdmin installation, I setup the Swap Memory and rebooted the droplet. Here is the DirectAdmin System Information page after installation:

DirectAdmin System Information on Digital Ocean VPS Droplet

I have been a long time user and supporter of DirectAdmin and hope this helps out anyone considering Digital Ocean. I have tested things out extensively and have used DirectAdmin successfully in production environments on medium and larger sized Digital Ocean droplets.

To give DirectAdmin a try, here’s a referral link and you’ll receive a $10 credit when you signup:

This gives you the best hosting and the best control panel. Digital Ocean allows you to easily scale your droplet as your web hosting needs grow, and the static external IP address makes everything much easier compared to Amazon AWS. And Digital Ocean works great with the DirectAdmin control panel, which I prefer over cPanel, Plesk, and Webmin because of the better feature set, excellent support, and significantly lower costs for long term hosting solutions.

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